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How would you know if you or your child is lead poisoned?

Though very small amounts of lead are known to cause serious long term health effects, symptoms only become obvious at higher levels. So take a minute to learn more about LEAD POISONING which is now recognised internationally, as one of the GREATEST ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH RISKS FACING CHILDREN TODAY.


(Source: SMH 29.3.96 Gilchrist & Beale)


Anyone can be poisoned by lead but those most at risk are:

Children under the age of four -because:

  1. pica.jpg (37936 bytes)their brain and nervous system are still developing
    and are more easily damaged;
  2. they actually absorb 5O% of the lead that they take into their bodies compared with 10% for adults and;
  3. toddlers under four have more hand to mouth activity and therefore ingest more lead contaminated dust. In some older urban suburbs up to 50% of children under 5 years have too much lead in their blood.

(Source FETT et al MJA Vol. 157, Oct 5 1992)

Pregnant women - may be at greater risk due to changes in their bodies duringpregnant pregnancy. Also, there is no barrier to lead in the placenta and therefore no protection for the unborn child.

trio.jpg (15498 bytes)Women of child bearing age: The human body mistakes lead for calcium and stores lead in our bones. During pregnancy a woman’s hormones may mobilise calcium for the growth of the baby and also mobilise any lead that she has laid down on her bones anytime throughout her life. Lead has a half life in the bone for almost 30 years.

Men: Very small amounts of lead can affect libido, fertility and blood pressure. This hypertension (high blood pressure) increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Levels of lead which are barely measurable have been shown to affect body systems. Theheadq.jpg (7305 bytes) 1993 Australian National Goal is to have all Australians below 10m g/dL. That is equivalent to one teaspoon of lead in a large backyard swimming pool! One chip of old lead paint the size of your fingernail, eaten by a child, is enough to raise their lead levels dangerously high. In other words not much lead is too much lead for good health.


head.jpg (21535 bytes)You or your children could have elevated blood lead levels and not know it because even though serious, long term damage is occurring, patients usually do not show symptoms until levels are very high. Low levels of lead can cause brain damage, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, kidney damage, hearing impairment, growth retardation and many other affects, but these are often difficult to recognise until the damage is done. High levels of lead can cause miscarriage, birth defects, coma and death.

Symptoms, when they do occur are often subtle and are attributed to other causes. In children these can be irritability, tiredness or decreased play activity, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation and headaches. Adults can also suffer loss of libido, infertility and elevated blood pressure.


Just about everywhere, but the main sources are :

 house.jpg (16464 bytes)1) Old paint from buildings built prior to 1970. There are at least 3.5 million homes in Australia with lead based paint and it is not possible to identify it by it’s "look". Lead paint is often sweet tasting and therefore children will pick at it and eat it and animals will lick it Also, when this paint is sanded, scraped or is peeling it creates a dangerous lead dust that is easily inhaled or swallowed. This dust also enters soil where it is easily accessed by children or animals. LEAD does not BREAK DOWN. It remains toxic and unless dealt with safely it will not "go away."

2) Exhaust emissions from petrol driven vehicles are another source of leadbowser.jpg (13253 bytes)
particles which not only pollutes the air we breathe, but settles on soil and in buildings where people will come into contact with it.

3) Dust in the roof void (attic), wall cavity or under floor area is often contaminated with lead. So if a ceiling or wall is to come down, or a skylight or attic ladder is to be installed, care must be taken to prevent contamination of living spaces.

4) Workers such as furniture restorers, leadlighters, car battery and radiator workers and painters can bring home lead dust on their clothes and their children are poisoned as a result. Hobbyists such as fishermen making sinkers,
shooters at indoor firing ranges or miniature collectors are also at risk.

tap.jpg (10026 bytes)5) The first flush of water in the morning or during the night should not be given to babies
or young childrencan.jpg (44493 bytes) because lead can leach into water. New taps can contain 4.5% lead and older taps may contain even more. New plumbing may leach lead for up to five years! A water filter may be the answer for your family.

6) Some food cans sold in Australia STILL have lead solder.
These cans are usually irregular in shape with a thick seam and horizontal depressions (dents). This is a source of lead that is EASILY avoided by buying a non lead-soldered product which has a flat welded seam.

veg.jpg (23027 bytes)7) If you are a gardener some above ground crops such as tomatoes and beans are better grown in "leaded soils" than root vegetables e.g potatoes and carrots. Also all produce, especially root vegetables, should be carefully washed or peeled before eating to minimise any risk. Vacuum cleaner dust should not be put in the compost bin as this dust can contain high levels of lead.

cat.jpg (7248 bytes)8) Pets often show symptoms of lead poisoning before people. If your pet is unwell and a vet diagnoses lead poisoning, you should see that ALL members of the household have a blood test for lead. Pets should be kept outside and definitely off children’s beds because they collect lead dust on their coats. Regular washing of the pet and hand washing for the family members is important.


  • table.jpg (15604 bytes)Have you renovated a pre 1970 home or do you live on a busy road?
  • Does your pre 1970 home have peeling or chalking paint?
  • Was the paint on your or your neighbours pre 1970 property ever sand or water blasted or renovated using sanding or some other unsafe dust creating method?
  • Does a member of the household work with lead or use it in a hobby?
  • Do you live near a source of lead contamination (e.g lead smelter, market garden once sprayed with lead arsenate, municipal incinerator, car repairer where paint is stripped, battery breaking yard).


The Global Lead Advice & Support Service will give free telephone service, free writtentick.jpg (10779 bytes) material and free community workshops and meetings to parents. We will provide advice and support about any lead related questions or concern that you may have. Advice such as: where to have samples of paint, dust or soil analysed, how to take simple steps with diet to reduce the absorption rate of lead, how to undertake a safe renovation or how to ensure your tradesperson uses safe methods.

If you feel that you or your child may have been exposed to lead the only reliable way of knowing is to have a blood lead test conducted. Ask your GP.

Please contact The Global Lead Advice & Support Service if you would like more information. Freecall 1800 626 086 Phone: +61 2 9716 0132
Fax: +61 2 9716 9005 Email: Web: www.lead.org.au

This project was assisted by the NSW Government

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