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Media Releases

30th September 2020 MedRel October Blitz to Locate People Lead Poisoned by Ayurvedic Medicines or Reuse Painted Timber
4th October 2017 Lead poisoning is the top risk factor for pre-eclampsia, says Griffith study
15th May 2017 Alliance calls to eliminate lead poisoning in children by 2021
24th October 2014 WHO Lead Poisoning Week of Action in Australia
16th July 2014 Australians need to tell the NHMRC about lead
5th June 2014
Opportunity to Make Australia Lead-Safe
1st November 2013
Are We Living In a Lead Safe World?
26th October 2013 Who�s contributing to a Lead Safe World?
29th June 2013 Call for ministers� plans for the Inaugural WHO International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action - 20-26 October 2013
1st May 2013
Leaded petrol, lead poisoning and violent crime
2nd March 2013 Poison tank water warning � that�s no way to achieve lead-free drinking water
22nd October 2012 Launch of art prize to celebrate 15th anniversary of Lead Poisoning Awareness Week
30th June 2012 Asbestos and lead policy synergies will save lives
2nd June 2012
Call for Australian lead mining companies to fund research, and for a more stringent National approach to lead poisoning

21st February 2012
Child Care Centre too close to Rosebery mine

17th November 2011 Brief history of the leaded petrol death trade
27th October 2011 Ending the leaded petrol era by the end of 2011 - Young Australian puts the case to Nairobi UN meeting
20th October 2011 International Lead Poisoning Awareness Day
28th June 2011
Who will end the leaded petrol death trade? Toxic Leaded Petrol Still in Use in Six Countries
21st June 2011
Spotlight on High Cases of Lead Poisoning in China
10th March 2011
Scuttling ex-warship off Avoca Beach makes no sense and may not be legal
23rd December 2010
Tasmanian lead mining town � response to claims of heavy metal poisoning
9th December 2010 Current �acceptable� blood lead levels too high, Overwhelming body of research supports The LEAD Group�s call for a change in national policy
3rd December 2010 Radical new policy on prevention of lead poisoning
20th October 2010
International Lead Poisoning Awareness Day 2010
22nd September 2010 Twenty Years of LEAD Campaigning - The LEAD Group 20 years on
19th September 2010
Swag of LEAD Action News, Fact Sheets and Reports released
19th September 2010 Kumpulan Berita-Berita Tentang Timbal, Lembar Fakta, Dan Laporan�Laporan
3rd September 2010 Arsenic and Lead in drinking water � flawed advice on testing
29th July 2010 Toxics Groups Reject Mine / DHHS Findings
8th July 2010 International Spotlight On Arsenic And Lead Poisoning In Australian Lead Mining Town
10th June 2010 Mayor Darryl Gerrity A Disgrace To The West Coast
24th May 2010 Toxic mining exports need Oz mining tax income to be managed safely always
20th May 2010 Taskforce Condemns Secrecy on Rosebery Meeting
12th May 2010 Campaigners in over 100 countries call for a �Bullet-Proof� Arms Trade Treaty
15th April 2010
Toxics Group Rejects Toxicology Reports on Poisoned Rosebery Residents
17 March 2010 Toxics Group calls for sacking of Director of Health - Poisons Investigation Flawed Again
19 February 2010 Group Proposes Terms of Reference for the 'First' Tasmanian Integrity Commission Inquiry into the Health Department and EPA Investigations in Rosebery
18 February 2010 MMG and GHD Must Release Results from 2007/2008 Investigations Into Health Risks Of Lead In Rosebery and Use Correct Dust Sampling Methods
16 February 2010 Group Calls For Minister Giddings To Stand Down Dr Roscoe Taylor And Dr Chrissie Pickin
10 February 2010 Taskforce Calls On Mine Manager To Release 'Scope' Of New Investigation
5 February 2010 Mayor Gerrity Slammed By Toxics Group
19 January 2010
Health and Environmental Investigations into Toxic Heavy Metals in Rosebery
15 January 2010 West Coast Council Condemned By Toxics Group - Rosebery Home Buyers Kept In The Dark Over Poisons
13th January 2010 Group Releases Test Results On Poisoned Pets
8 January 2010Call For Independent Medical Specialists To Head Up The New Rosebery Health Investigation
23 December 2009
Pergantian Cuaca dan Keracunan dari Timah Hitam/Timbal Apa yang pemerintahan seharusnya melakukan
23 December 2009
21 December 2009 Climate Change AND Lead Poisoning: what governments should be doing
24 November 2009
Hilltop Locals Beat 3A - NSW Land And Environment Court Halts Work On Controversial Southern Highlands Shooting Complex
23 November 2009 Dr Roscoe Taylor has no Evidence
18 November 2009
EPA Notice to Rosebery Mine: the toxic heavy metals that dare not be monitored!
10 November 2009
TOXIC HEAVY METALS TASKFORCE TASMANIA - Taskforce Warns Rosebery Residents
十月 二十日 星期 国际铅中毒觉晓日 是时候来帮助中国预防铅中毒了
20th October 2009 International Lead Poisoning Awareness Day
17 August 2009 NHMRC going nowhere on Australian blood lead levels
6 July 2009 Poisoned Rosebery residents group - Protesters call for Dr Roscoe Taylor to withdraw report
5 July 2009 Poisoned Rosebery residents group Toxic Rally Poster
2 July 2009 Poisoned Rosebery residents group - Toxics Rally - Relocate Poisoned Rosebery Residents
22 April 2009
Contaminaci�n de La Oroya � Per�
22 April 2009 Contamination of La Oroya � Peru
1 August 2008
Republication of LEAD Action News
16 May 2008 �Go tell it on the mountain� � Australian NGO launches policy for lead poisoning prevention
06 April 2008  Time for ban on export of Australian lead for petrol
20_February_2008 Greens Oppose Magellan�s Lead Export Proposal
19 October 2007 International Lead Poisoning Awareness Week 2007 - Points to a lead-safe world
03 August 2007 Recall all leaded products from the mouths of babes
14 March 2007 Esperance residents fear high lead levels in their air and drinking water.
14 March 2007 Environmental Health Protection neglected in WA� ACE calls for Independent Inquiry.
14 July 2006 Lead Poisoned Citizens Kept In The Dark By W.A. Government.
17 November 2005 "Green Lead": Oxymoron or future vision? speech - Minerals Council of Australia Sustainable Development Conference.
24 October 2005 International Lead Poisoning Awareness Week - Aims and achievements of The LEAD Group.
27 September 2005 When will government or industry help the community fight global lead poisoning?
26 July 2005 Control the lead industry! - The LEAD Group demands bans and Product Stewardship action.
28 April 2005 Lead Workers E-group set up for 10th commemoration of Dead and Injured workers.
16 March 2005 Media Release from Lynn MacLaren, MLC, WA, Greens spokesperson for Pollution and Air Quality.
16 March 2005 Media Release from Ms Libby Davy - Advocate for high quality child care. �No� Vote For Toxic Child Care. The City of Fremantle Council said �No� this week to a proposal for a major child care centre that would have set a dangerous benchmark for children�s health. also see United Nations Rights of the Child
27 January 2005 Who will help these 67 countries to ban leaded petrol by end 2005?
25 July 2004 LEAD Group leading the way: Funding is down but workload is up
14 June 2004 Smoking - a pain in the butt! - World Environment Day Award winner calls for new cigarette packet warning of increased risk of butt pain to you and others!
5 June 2004 Elizabeth O'Brien winner of the 2004 UNAA World Environment Day Award
for Outstanding Service to the Environment category
1 June 2004 Elizabeth O'Brien recognised for outstanding service in lead poisoning prevention
14 August 2003 USA leads in lead-poisoning elimination
13 May 2003 UNSW Media Release - Lead Levels Raise Health Concerns
6 January 2003 Early death in adults linked to lead exposure - US study
21 December 2002 Bad news & lead dust under the Christmas tree
20 December 2002 Lead Advisory Service funding debacle
7 June 2002 Australia�s big export � lead poison
7 June 2002 Global Dimensions of Lead Hit Home in Australia, the World's Largest Lead Producer
17 October 2001 Inaugural International Lead Poisoning Awareness Day/Week
8 February 2001 Lead companies may sink advisory service
19 October 2000 Alarming inaction over lead poisoning outbreak
16 October 2000 Menzies Centre Study Mars Lead Poisoning Awareness Week
2 October 2000  Tasmanian Public Health Director has All Power but has taken No Responsibility
2 October 2000 What Does the Menzies Centre Have to Hide?
29 September 2000 Countdown has started for the Lead Advisory Service
5 September 2000 Green Games Sham - Visitors will Breathe Leaded Air - Why? 55 Countries will have Banned Leaded Petrol before Australia Does
30 August 2000 Green Games Sham - Visitors will Breathe Leaded Air - Why? 55 Countries will have Banned Leaded Petrol before Australia Does
25 July 2000 Latest Figures from The Lead Advisory Service Australia show that 0.017% of your lead fuel excise is well spent.
19 May 2000 New research on the health effects of lead exposure
11 April 2000 Lead is still an issue! Despite Lead Replacement Petrol now locally available
4 April 2000 leaded consumer products
24 December 1999  Pretty skies pretty poisonous
1 December 1999  Ceiling dust woodsmoke and other toxics
26 October 1999 Lead Poisoning Awareness Poster Now Available
21 October 1999 Safe Candles for Lead Poisoning Awareness Week?
19 October 1999 It is Lead Poisoning Awareness Day
13 September 1999 Lead poisoning is recognised internationally as one of the greatest health risks
9 August 1999 Candles sold in Australia have been found to have lead wicks
5 August 1999 Shame NSW WA the first to go totally unleaded
9 July 1999 Government policy vital for removal of hazardous lead containing ceiling dust in "Tarptown"
5 July 1999 Government policy vital for removal of hazardous lead containing ceiling dust in "Tarptown"
5 June  1999 Australians Need a Toxics Info Line
16 April 1999 Sydney clean up after hail storm may pose hidden lead contamination dangers
21 December 1998 David and Goliath Battle Taking Shape in the Hunter
14 October 1998 nearly 6,000 children may have too much lead in their blood
LAS 20 October 1998 Between 16 and 55 children will be lead poisoned by the time they are four years old
LPAD 20 October 1998 Does the Federal government think that each Australian child saved from lead poisoning is worth two dollars
4 September 1998 For the sake of breastfed babies � please be responsible when reporting new research on lead in breastmilk
31 May 1996  Helping at least 75,000 lead poisoned Australian children is not worth $150,000 to the Federal Government
27 May 1996 Deadline for National LEADLINE Project
19 February 1996 lead foundry - residents demand safe demolition
19 October 1995 Flawed research underestimates lead problem
27 September 1995 Lead contamination scare Councils risk legal action
26 April 1995 Australia is the lone objector to global lead petrol phase-out
19 March 1995 Blood Lead Testing - City Children Neglected
17 March 1995 Lead Centre maybe...
16 September 1994 lead workers - second class citizens
4 May 1992 A public meeting last night in Balmain

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