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Media Release 5th June 2004

Elizabeth O'Brien winner of the 2004 UNAA World Environment Day Award
for Outstanding Service to the Environment category

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Elizabeth O'Brien & UNAA World Environment Day Award The United Nations Association of Australia yesterday evening announced the recipients of this year's World Environment Day Awards.
Huge congratulations to Elizabeth O’Brien, the deserving winner of the Outstanding Service to the Environment
category. O’Brien has been recognized for her inspiring efforts and achievements in the area of lead poisoning prevention. Anne Stanton, from the National Toxics Network, elaborates: "Liz’s passion, vision and determination, as a concerned mother of a lead affected child in a lead affected community, has propelled her to the role of national activist and manager of a service aimed at solving lead problems".

In 1991 the LEAD Group (Lead Education and Abatement Design) was started, and from this many other groups and services have formed. Elizabeth O’Brien’s unrelenting efforts have had local, state, national and international recognition. A major coup was the phasing out of leaded petrol in Australia. "Elizabeth’s pivotal role in galvanizing government resolve to bring forward by 18 years the banning of leaded petrol in Australia, has undoubtedly significantly reduced the average blood lead levels of Australians of all ages and saved countless IQ points for the children born since her petrol lead reduction campaign started to take effect in September 1993." Professor Brian Gulson, from Macquarie University’s graduate School of Environment has no qualms at praising the brilliance of O’Brien’s work.

Despite depleted funding since its genesis, the LEAD group and other associated groups and services battle on. This is a testament to the dedication of Elizabeth O’Brien, and sadly the ignorance of higher powers.

To quote Professor Brian Gulson again: "Australia indeed has a brighter future because of Elizabeth O’Brien’s personal campaign to protect the environment from lead". Hence an almighty well done for your recognition in receiving this award and an even bigger THANK YOU for our health and surrounds, that you have made so much better through all your hard work.

Contact: Professor Brian Gulson, Ph (02) 9850 7983
Professorial Fellow, Graduate School of the Environment, Macquarie University

For Interviews: Elizabeth O'Brien, Ph (02) 9716 0014,
Manager, Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS)
Manager, Lead Advisory Service Australia (LASA)
Owner-Moderator, Plumbism and Autism Network (PAN)
Owner-Moderator, Lodged Lead Shot and Bullet Support Group (LLSBS)
Founding Committee Member, Australian Dust Removalists Association (ADRA)
Editor. LEAD Action News
Member, Global Lead Network (Leadnet)
Member, Partnership for Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV) of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
Founder, The LEAD (Lead Education and Abatement Design) Group, Inc.

(See INDIVIDUAL AWARD CATEGORY Award for Outstanding Service to the Environment Elizabeth O'Brien: 'Global Lead Poisoning & Contamination Prevention - Australia First' in Winners 2004 Profile at UNAAvictoria web site AND LEAD ACTIVISM IN AUSTRALIA at National Toxics Network site) ###

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