Q: So what does NSW WorkCover website have to say about ceiling dust?

     A: On the WorkCover website I was unable to find any document which included the terms “ceiling dust” or “ceiling cavity dust.” WorkCover’s Update 2010: Hazard Profile: Identification Tool for Metal Roofing 2001” has the following entry:

    What Can Harm you (Hazards) Causes Which Need to be Managed (Controlled)
    Lead contaminated dust in ceilings
    • Specialized workers (licensed) not involved in removal or workers not inducted.

    • Hazardous materials not reported when detected.

    • Required precautions for removal, handling and disposal not followed.

    • Removal techniques inappropriate for containment of hazardous material scatter material over a wide area.

    • Other workers or the public not prevented from entering areas where hazardous materials exist or are being removed.

    • No warning signs or signs insufficient.

    • Hazardous material left on site after completion of work.

    • Bagged materials not removed before damage to bag/s occurs.

but how all the workers being exposed to ceiling dust every day are supposed to know that ceiling dust IS a hazardous material or what the required precautions are, is not stated.

Reference Source: http://www.workcover.nsw.gov.au/formspublications/publications/Documents/identific_tool_metal_roofing_hazard_profile_0978.pdf

Update 2010 Guidance Note For Ceiling Dusts Containing Lead PDF NSW WorkCover

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