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LEAD Action News vol 9 no 3, June 2009, ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News ( ISSN 1440-0561)
The Journal of The LEAD (Lead Education and Abatement Design) Group Inc.

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By Professor Brian Gulson, CSIRO, Macquarie University Graduate School of the Environment, and Head of The LEAD Group’s Technical Advisory Board

The major article in this edition of LEAD Action News has been nine months in the making so it’s more or less Robert Taylor’s first “child”. When he first came to do volunteer work at The LEAD Group, Robert clearly expressed his deep interest in nutrition and thus this newsletter was conceived. I believe he has created the longest reference list of any document yet written by The LEAD Group. You can find the concise version of Robert’s major article Iron nutrition and lead toxicity in the Fact Sheets section of our website. At the end of his incredible job of collating, Robert, paraphrasing a line from The West Wing, remarked “noting that lack of iron reduces IQ and too much iron exposes you to acute attacks of diseases endemic in poor countries, God must have decided that poor people can be intelligent or alive, but not both at the same time.”

Thanks to Catherine Sweeny who provided us with all the excellent photos of food in this newsletter and to David Ratcliffe who has the humungous job of web-publishing it.

Sadly, this edition of LEAD Action News also contains an obituary, that of Kathryn R. Mahaffey who died on 2nd June 2009, just one week after she kindly offered to review Robert’s newsletter article and fact sheet. Kate Mahaffey is world-renowned for her decades of work in nutrition specifically relating to lead and mercury poisoning, and the world of lead has suffered a great loss. From a personal point of view, I and my former team at CSIRO owe a tremendous debt to Kate. She was our project officer for the Biokinetics of Lead in Human Pregnancy study run through the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Our collaboration both scientifically and personally is something I will forever value.

Please use the Contact Us form on our website – www.lead.org.au/cu.html - to send your questions and thoughts on this or any earlier editions of LEAD Action News.

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