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Letter to the Editor

Lareter S.P.A. company produces unleaded PVC-U pipes and fittings in Italy for the European market

From: Filippo Rizzo

Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I work for a company producing pvc-u pipes and fittings in Italy, and I am responsible for the sales in Northern Europe and extra EU countries excluding Russia. I started to work for this company in 2013 immediately after my degree in international economics and I would like to build relations to keep in touch with professionals or everyone involved in the business or even collaterals to the business. We can even keep in touch through LinkedIn if you want, but I am using my personal mail: rizzo.filippo@gmail.com


Searching the net I discovered your association and I would like to support you with eventual reports or with my personal knowledge about the industry.


It is more than 30 years Lareter S.P.A. are producing our pvc-u pipes and fittings for water supply with lead-free stabilizers. It is not by our personal choice but because the norm has changed and is not anymore including lead in the powder mix used for the production of pvc - at least in Europe and in the pipe industry.


Anyway also in the past when pvc pipes were produced using lead stabilizers, they were specifically stabilized inside the pipe and no pipes were releasing lead in the water if they were made with the correct amount and produced according to the norm like we do.


So there was no danger for humans or other living beings. There is a release only if the pipe is exposed to a temperature higher than 45° for long periods, but as these pipes are used in the public or private water distribution they are normally buried underground.

Best regards.

Filippo Rizzo

Export Sales

Lareter S.P.A.

Via Occhiobello 732

45024 Fiesso Umbertiano (Ro)

Tel: +39 0425 745536

Fax: +39 0425 754625

Mobile: +39 3423010476

Website: www.lareter.it

Lareter S.P.A. exhibited at trade shows in Bologna and Hannover in November 2016 and at EuroExpo Lyon France 29 Novembre - 2 Décembre 2016.

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