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Volcano Art Prize Awards Night 2015!

By Elizabeth O’Brien, VAP Founder, pictured at left below

The Volcano Art Prize (VAP) Awards Night was held in Sydney during International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action, on 26th October 2015. You can see all the 2015 VAP entries and previous years VAP entries at http://volcanoartprize.com/vap-archive/ (and you can start voting for the 2016 VAP entries at http://volcanoartprize.com/peoples-choice/ ).

LEAD Group Vice President Michelle Calvert (right) handed out the Prize Certificates to the Pictureproducts printed mug winners, and the cheque to the overall best artist, Isla MacGregor, (pictured in the middle above).

Entrants in the 2015 Volcano Prize ranged in age from 5 years to 85 years, and included a Kindergarten child and a Professor! Both film entries in 2015 featured a Professor. Entries were received from Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Australia so in 2016 we’d really like to receive entries from many more countries!

List of Prize Winners as Awarded by the Judge, Artist Anne Roberts, for VAP 2015:

Each artist won a Pictureproducts mug printed with their own entry. Caitlin Ngo also won the People’s Choice Cash Prize (as her entry received the most Facebook Likes), and Isla MacGregor won the Judge-awarded Cash Prize and Professor Lanphear’s film was highly commended by the Judge.

Awards Night (L to R): Mark Ju, Caitlin Ngo, Grace Lin, Alice Ju and Liz O’Brien. Photos: Matthew Jensen.

List of VAP 2015 Winners:

  1. Artist: Alice Ju. Title: Coloured Art. Lead-Safety Message: Lead-aware artists today can always use lead-free materials. Materials: Non-toxic coloured paper. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/coloured-art-2/
  2. Artist: Alice Ju. Title: Sunflowers. Lead-Safety Message: Grow healthy sunflowers in soil that is not contaminated. Materials: Non-toxic coloured paper. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/sunflowers-2/
  3. Artist: Grace Lin. Title: Phoenix. Lead-Safety Message: Beat lead poisoning and rise like a phoenix. Materials: Non-toxic oil pastels. Age 8. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/phoenix/
  4. Artist: Linda Wang. Title: The Wind. Lead Safety Message: Make what the wind carries beautiful and safe. Materials: Coloured pencils. Age 10. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/the-wind/
  5. Artists: Students of Creative Einstein. Title: Butterflies and Dragonflies. Lead-Safety Message: Lots of creatures want to show their beauty in a non-toxic world. Materials: Transparent paper, coloured with nail polish. Ages 5-12
  6. Artist: Mark Ju. Title: Still Life Lead-Safety Message: Make sure you eat well. An empty stomach absorbs more lead. Materials: Faber Castell pencils. Age 9. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/still-life/
  7. Artist: Mark Ju. Title: Cat, Elephant, Shrimp, Pig, Penguin, and Cow. Lead-Safe Message: Protect our pets, food animals and wild animals from lead. Materials: Faber Castell pencils Age 9. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/elephant-shrimp-pig-penguin-and-cow/
  8. Artist: Mark Ju. Title: Lemon on a Blue Plate. Lead-Safe Message: Lemon zest and lemon juice are great to get lead out of us Materials: Faber Castell pencils Age 9. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/lemon-on-a-blue-plate/
  9. Artist: Mark Ju. Title: Angel Fish Lead-Safe Message: Be an angel and make sure fish swim in uncontaminated water Materials: Faber Castell pencils Age 9. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/angel-fish/
  10. Artist: Mark Ju. Title: Pumpkin. Lead-Safe Message: Materials: Faber Castell pencils Age 9. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/pumpkin/
  11. Artist: Mark Ju. Title: Carrot, Peas and Butterfly. Lead-Safe Message: Make sure your vegetable gardens have lead free soil. Materials: Faber Castell pencils Age 9. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/carrot-peas-and-butterfly/
  12. Artist: Mark Ju. Title: Watermelon. Lead-Safe Message: Colourful nutrition (Carotenoids) keeps lead away. Materials: Faber Castell pencils Age 9. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/watermelon/
  13. Artist: Mark Ju. Title: Apple. Lead-Safe Message: The pectin fibre in apples sweeps lead out of your body. Materials: Faber Castell pencils Age 9. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/apple/
  14. Artist: Jia Yi Chen. Title: Fish. Lead-Safe Message: Fish need clean water and clean seaweed to be happy. Materials: watercolour. Age 9. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/fish/ 
  15. Artist: Caitlin Ngo. Title: Fish. Lead-Safe Message: Don’t let fish swim in contaminated water. Materials: Watercolour Age 8 (Winner of a mug and the People’s Choice Cash Prize). http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/fish-2/
  16. Artist: Sophia Liu. Title: Chinese Lanterns. Lead-Safe Message: Chinese Lanterns can have candle wicks with lead in them. Stay lead aware! Materials: Coloured pencils Age 11. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/chinese-lanterns/
  17. Artist: Alessandra Sackey. Title: Harbour Reflections. Lead-Safe Message: Let’s keep lead out of Sydney Harbour! Keep our water clean! Materials: watercolour pencils. Age 11. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/harbour-reflections/
  18. Artist: Sue Gee. Title: Macaws. Lead Safe Message: Caged birds are particularly prone to lead poisoning. Materials: Photo. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/macaws/
  19. Artist: Jeanne Grimm. Title: A Lead Safe Future Is In Your Hands. Lead Safe Message: A Lead Safe Future is in your hands. Materials: Edited digital photo. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/a-lead-safe-future-is-in-your-hands/
  20. Artist: Yiru Rocky Huang Title: LEAD Group Office photo. Lead Safe Message: Help The LEAD Group make your life lead-safe by taking on The Blood Lead Challenge! Materials: Olympus E-P2 Digital Camera with Panasonic LUMIX 20mm f/1.7 II Lens. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/1139/
  21. Artist: Claire O’Brien. Title: Wondai. Lead Safe Message: Got lead? Lead contaminated cows pass on the lead to us. Artist: Oil on canvas. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/wondai/
  22. Artist: John Smith. Title: Leave the colour of the trees. Lead Safe Message: Plants won’t grow in highly lead contaminated soil. Materials: Digital image manipulated on Art Flow Software. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/leave-the-color-for-the-trees/
  23. Artist: Louisa Delores (Anderson) Taylor. Title: Lead Safety – With Charlie in Mind. Lead Safe Message: “Charlie and the lead factory. Help children like Charlie eat chocolate not lead, test the soil and paint in your home for lead today.” Materials: Felt tip pencils and pastels. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/1229/
  24. Artist: Noela Whitton. Title: Pot Plants. Lead Safe Message: Don’t let children or pets eat leaded soil. Materials: Nontoxic water colour on acid free paper. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/watercolour-part-1/
  25. Artist: Meredith Knight. Title: Cat in a box. Lead Safe Message: Lead-safe cats are cute (less aggressive) cats. Materials: Apple iphone6 photo, cropped. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/cat-in-a-box/
  26. Artist: Jordan Fermanis. Title: Lead Contamination Story (Film). Lead Safe Message: Sydney’s lead contamination is mainly from leaded fuels and lead paint. Materials: Sydney Urban Community Garden Footage and Interviews with Elizabeth O’Brien of The LEAD Group and Professor Mark Taylor of The LEAD Group and Macquarie University. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/lead-contamination-story-film/
  27. Artist: Professor Bruce Lanphear. Title: Little things matter. Lead Safe Message: Low levels of toxics like lead can impact the brain. Materials: professionally produced film. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/little-things-matter/
  28. Sue Gee, Meredith Knight & Isla MacGregor mug winners

    Mish Calvert & mug winner Grace Lin

  29. Artist: Isla MacGregor. Title: Entropy 1. Lead Safe Message: Lead kills. (Winner of a mug and of the Judge’s Award Cash Prize of $200). http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/entropy-1/
  30. Artist: Richard Jones, Licensed Builder, Kaleidoscope NSW. Title: Ceiling dust removal by Insulvac in Sydney (slide show). Lead-Safety Message: Vacuuming of ceiling dust by an Australian Dust Removalists Association (ADRA) Member Company is a must before ceiling demolition. Materials: Photos taken with Smart phone camera.] http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/ceiling-dust-removal-by-insulvac-in-sydney-slide-show/

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