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LEAD Action News Volume 14 Number 1, October  2013, ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News (ISSN 1440-0561)
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The LEAD Group is pleased to announce the launch this weekend of a new web site, ‘Lead Safe World’ (www.leadsafeworld.com), in partnership with Evo Building Products, the National Painting & Decorating Institute of Australia (NPDI), Home Painters Info and Aussie Painters Network. That’s the logo at the top of this page. The new site is part of The LEAD Group’s Lead Safe World Project – and its major contribution to the World Health Organization’s Inaugural International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action, 20-26 Oct 2013. We list in this LAN some of the brilliant media coverage of the WHO Lead Week of Action in 17 countries, including the USA, generated by our colleagues in the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead in Paint. The Lead Safe World (LSW) Project will assist in the promotion of products and services which are lead-free or lead-safe, or which remove lead from the body, or from a lead-polluted site.

The new site will concentrate on action: avoiding lead poisoning or contamination and removing lead contamination or lead from organisms, all in one convenient, concentrated ‘package’ of information, companies, and products. We invite sponsors, partnerships, and companies with proven solutions to lead problems, lead-free products and lead-safe services, to join us.

Companies and products which help manage lead poisoning and lead contamination will be easily-identified by Logos: ‘Lead free’, ‘Lead safe’ and ‘Lead away’ This issue of LEAD Action News also announces the launch of a 2014 Lead-Safe World Calendar, for sale at http://volcanoartprize.com/purchase-calendar/ - each month of the year is illustrated by a winning art entry on the subject of lead safety. A further 13 finalists in the art competition, who receive a Picture products mug as their prize, are listed below. All the entries are awaiting your review and voting for the People’s Choice Award, on three pages, at http://volcanoartprize.com/peoples-choice/ 

The LEAD Group is experiencing – and has been for some time – what we like to think of as a ‘glitch’. We are operating without funding for our long-time, free-info-service-to-the-world (Global Lead Advice and Support Service, GLASS), and for our advocacy to rid the world of leaded petrol.

On the subject of funding: see our letters to Australia’s new federal Environment Minister, The Hon. Greg Hunt.

As for our advocacy to rid the world of leaded petrol: we have nominated Innospec Inc – which proudly claims to be the world’s only manufacturer of tetraethyl lead (TEL is what refineries add to petrol to make it into leaded petrol) - for the Public Eye Awards (PEA) for the Most Despicable Corporation in the World. Support from our network has flowed in.

The Lead Safe World website promotes lead safety actions everyone can take, anywhere in the world, rather than being a broad-ranging archive of information about every aspect of lead, which the existing site www.lead.org.au is, and will continue to be.

We’ve published LEAD Action News on www.lead.org.au/lanv14n1/LANv14n1_LSWP_Launch_in_ILPP_Week_of_Action.pdf since the first edition in February 1993. But this edition rivals that edition in the level of excitement at what we are presenting. We really hope our work helps you to be lead-safe!! 

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