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LEAD Action News vol 6 no 3, 1998, ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News ( ISSN 1440-0561)
The journal of The LEAD (Lead Education and Abatement Design) Group Inc.

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The LEAD Group’s Wish List
Good News that we are Looking Forward to Hearing

Let us know if you hear it first!! eg:

  • Hunter LEAD Group Branch obtains funding to run a community based information, advisory and education service in the Hunter region of NSW which helps to achieve the NHMRC target for blood lead levels around the Pasminco smelter at Cockle Creek;

  • NSW State Government restores 27% funding cut to the Lead Advisory Service (LAS) NSW. With LAS fully functional and more doctors asking parents about lead risk factors, the NHMRC blood lead targets are achieved in Sydney, Port Kembla and Broken Hill in NSW;

  • NSW State Government signs five-year contract for ongoing LAS work and expansion to other heavy metals and asbestos;

  • Car-use in Sydney, as measured by VKT (average vehicle kilometres travelled per annum per car) and the number of cars registered, starts to reduce (instead of constantly rising as it currently does) by the time of the Sydney Olympics. Other cities follow suit;

  • NSW is the first Australian state to introduce licensing of lead assessors and lead abatement contractors. Other states follow suit;

  • NSW is the first state to implement the WorkSafe Code of Practice for Lead at Work and achieves zero workers with blood lead levels above the NHMRC target for all Australians, by the year 2002. Other states follow suit;

  • Federal Cradle to Grave Legislation requires that all mining and smelting companies take responsibility for their toxic minerals from mining to final disposal;

  • Large car dependent multi-national companies (like McDonalds) devise a car-use reduction policy and protect workers and children from vehicle emissions in drive-thru restaurants and other consumer services;

  • NSW introduces Californian Proposition 65-type legislation which requires labelling of all products which are associated with cancer or birth defects eg petrol pumps are required to be labelled "WARNING – exposure to petrol is associated with cancer". Other states follow suit;

  • NSW introduces legislation to require warning labels on all products that can be used to create lead contamination eg heat guns, orbital sanders eg "WARNING – if used on leaded paint this tool can cause lead poisoning – PROTECT THE WORKERS AND RESIDENTS – and this tool can cause lead contamination – PROTECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT!" Other states follow;

  • All government agencies in Australia become good role models for lead-use reduction (including car-use reduction) and lead-safe work practices (eg non-lead bullets for police shooting ranges). Councils ensure childcare centres and early childhood centres in Council-owned premises, are lead-safe and renovated (when required) in a lead-safe manner;

  • The Federal Government has decided to put the leaded petrol tax money (now 2.2 cents per litre) back into lead, including:-

  1. Funding for The LEAD Group’s national LEADLINE telephone advisory service;

  2. Introducing national universal child lead risk questionnaire screening;

  3. Giving adequate funding to expert Australian lead researchers like Professor Brian Gulson;

  4. Banning the following consumer products:-

  • leaded petrol, lead shot, lead bullets, lead flashing, lead fishing sinkers, industrial / automotive leaded paint, leaded PVC products (domestic and imported), imported leaded mirror backing paints, lead pellets for stuffing teddy bears, leaded brass and bronze especially in water filters, leaded plastic cling-wrap for food, toys and children's cups with lead weights, leaded curtain weights and diving weights. Other nations in South East Asia follow suit;

  • OECD countries will implement the Declaration on Risk Reduction for Lead" adopted by the OECD Council at its 869th Session on 20/2/96; Non-OECD countries follow suit;

  • The World Bank, OECD and United Nations Environment Program fund The LEAD Group to run a lead clearinghouse and advisory service for the whole of South East Asia;

  • The service is expanded to include other heavy metals and asbestos;

  • The South East Asian service becomes global.

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