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LEAD Action News Vol 2 no 4 Spring 1994.  ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News ( ISSN 1440-0561)
The journal of The LEAD (Lead Education and Abatement Design) Group Inc.

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To The LEAD Group: If your group tries to urge Governments and/or business to cease using lead the following information taken from the Yellow Pages may help in identifying where lead is being used in the Australian environment:

  1. A lot of Yellow Pages advertise leadlights and stained glass. This seems a popular hobby now.
  2. Cairns Yellow Pages, 1994, p. 523.
    Consolidated Alloys, Chrome St, Salisbury 07 (277 2977)
    Sheet lead, Aluminium Flashing and Damp Course, Solders and Silicone Sealants, Leadlight Sections.
  3. Perth White Pages, 1994, has on page 721 LEAD DISTRIBUTORS 27 Augusta with 4579122. Also the names but no details of products in the Perth Yellow Pages, 1994, on page 1399.
  4. Sunshine Coast Yellow Pages, 1994, p. 642
    Gary Tolhurst, 10 Cadagi Crt, Maroochydore 435072. Lead shielding specialist. Internal partitioning.
  5. Melbourne Yellow Pages, 1994, page 1563.
  1. Australian Lead Development Association 124 Exhibition St, Melbourne. 6541611.
  2. Ballantine Ammunition Tilburn Road, Deer Park. 3637154
  3. B.P.S. Leadburners 613 Geelong Rd Altona North 3145363
    Lead fabrication and restoration, Homogeneous linings, Vibration, radiation and sound shielding.
  4. Consolidated Alloys 32 Industrial Road Thomastown 359581
    Manufacturers of lead sheet, lead strip, lead pipe, lead rod, lead wire, lead wool, window lead, solders.
  5. Statewide Batteries P/L 1457 Centre Road Clayfield 5432144

6. Brisbane, 1995, Yellow Pages, page 1534.

  1. Allboards (QLD) P/L 2 Argon St, Carole Park 2615558.
    Manufacturer and Supplier of laminated lead sheeting doors and glass, etc for radiation and sound shielding.
  2. Castlead works Chrome St Salisbury 2772977. Window lead.
  3. Consolidated Alloys (QLD) Chrome St. Salisbury 2772977. See 5D above also 1.
    Lead washers, acrylead, lead roof collars
  4. Scott Metals P/L 14 Wellington Rd Woolloongabba 3915999. Suppliers of sinker and ballast lead.
  5. Simsmetal 148 Dunn Rd Rocklea 2773000 Lead ingot, ballast lead.

7. Sydney Yellow Pages, 1994, page 1642

  1. Australian Refined Alloys P/L 202 Euston Rd Alexandria 5165230
    Specification lead, Lead alloy ingots, Lead alloy castings.
  2. Moorebank Plumbing Service 53 Lucas Ave Moorebank 6020996
    Manufacturer of lead tanks and coils.
  3. Thomas Thoms P/L 83 Morris St Summer Hill 7977811 Copperised lead sheeting, Lead Flashing, Heavy Lead Sheet

8. Adelaide Yellow Pages, 1994, p. 1178

  1. Lead Castings P/L Unit 2, 9 Kingston Ave Richmond 3524233 Gravity and Pressure casting, Die design, Tooling.
  2. Nonferral (S.A.) P/L Bedford St Gillman 473955 Secondary lead, Antimonial lead ingot
  3. Solder-tech P/L 11 Tobruk Ave. St Marys 2768566 Lead Weights

9. Canberra Yellow Pages, 1994
no lead suppliers listed

Please note that some of the above companies are also recycling merchants i.e. buying lead in e.g. lead batteries and smelting it down 1 have not listed all lead merchants 1 have just listed those that show the wide types of lead

Andrew Gray

Mt Isa, Queensland

Editor's note: thankyou for all your research Andrew. People often ask us where they should buy a house to avoid living near a lead industry. This list should help, in conjunction with historical information on other lead-using activities in the particular area people wish to live in. 

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