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LEAD Action News Vol 2 no 1 Summer 1994.  ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News ( ISSN 1440-0561)
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Contaminated Defence Site

by Michael Maskell on behalf of ADI (Aust Defence Industries)
Residents Action Group

Australian Defence Industries Land Development

Extracts From A Speech Given At The Public Meeting ­Sunday 24 October 1993 at Cambridge Park Hall in Sydney's outer west.

Re: Australian Defence Industries Land Proposed Development.
Organised By ADI Resident Action Group. (Residents From Communities Surrounding The Site)

The residents of the areas surrounding the ADI site between St Marys and Penrith will not tolerate development without consultation with us the existing community.

This community has a right to be heard. The development of the site for housing and industry has implications far outside the boundaries of the ADI site.

It affects the entire surrounding community, a community that already has overcrowded and incomplete roads, a community that has overcrowded peak hour rail services, and a community that is already subject to unsatisfactory levels of air and water pollution.

We are concerned particularly about the existing extensive pollution found on the site, and in particular the presence of mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals.

Will the clean up procedures create a pollution hazard itself, in particular dust clouds of contaminated soil being created during removal, is there any possibility that such dust clouds could cause asthma or future birth defects and if so who accepts the responsibility?

Importantly where will the contamination be dumped?

A major concern of any large-scale development in an area such as this must be the impact on road traffic. our roads are overcrowded, particularly during peak times.

It is reasonable to expect that in any additional population, almost all of the workers will have to commute to their place of employment.

This will obviously have an adverse affect on our existing local roads as well as an affect on the two main arterial roads, the great western highway and the M4 tollway.

Air pollution in the Nepean basin is already too high and with the ADI development, it will definitely rise, not only from additional road vehicles, but also from industrial and domestic sources.

We are also concerned about the fate of the flora and fauna on the ADI site, how many of the oxygen generating trees will be devastated?

And what impact will there be on existing surrounding areas with the loss of trees that form a natural windbreak?

So, we are very concerned about the impact on our community, we should have the right to at least be consulted.

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