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LEAD Group Kits in Australia’s Nurture Parenting Magazine and Social Media

By Elizabeth O’Brien, Lead Advisor, LEAD Group Kits

Australia’s Nurture Parenting Magazine ad for LEAD Group Kits for 7 Most Toxic Chemicals in Our Homes article, Autumn 2017 issue. Purchase Kits at www.leadsafeworld.com/shop

Be sure to join the group, and keep an eye out for Facebook Posts about the above ad, in our kit-centred Facebook Group: DIY Lead (Metal) Test Kit at https://www.facebook.com/groups/290080511569/?ref=pages_profile_groups_tab

The following Facebook posts from Tamara Rubin are evidence of the power of Social Media in promoting laboratory lead testing and the potential for the idea of LEAD Group Kits to be exported to other countries, as they are currently only available to Australians in Australia. The ad below for Certified Kit – lab lead testing of water samples available in the USA, it was the first example of DIY-sampling lab lead testing Kits I’ve seen apart from the LEAD Group’s Kits which have been sold in Australia since 2007.

And clearly, Social Media can also be used to create income via Amazon links (see below)– whatever that means. Is this the same as Shopnate in Australia? You can donate to your favourite charity just by doing your usual online shopping via Shopnate. Check it out here https://www.shopnate.com.au/ and click to join for free, then choose The LEAD Group to receive your donation while online shopping.

“Shopnate works with hundreds of big name Australian and international online retailers. They have all agreed to donate a commission on every online sale to a good cause of your choice. This commission is already included in the price of what you’re buying. This means you can support your favourite cause, at no extra cost to you.”

20th April 2017 Facebook Post from Tamara Rubin:

Hey guys - I found it absolutely fascinating! Guess what the most popular city is for my advocacy work? I thought it would be Portland! But it is not even in the United States! Guess what the third most popular language is for people who go to my Facebook page? Check out how many people from Pakistan (for example) have checked out the page in the last month! Wild numbers! With your help we are really making a huge impact with this message! Thank you!

Facebook Reach (Past 28 days!) #MoreFunFacts

By Tamara on April 20, 2017 in 2017 Stats, Facebook, Facebook Stats, Fun Facts, International Reach, Site Stats, Stats

Here’s a chart - http://tamararubin.com/2017/04/fbook/ (see below) - showing the international impact of my Facebook reach for the past 28 days (on just one of my pages)… this is also a super fun set of information!  Look at all the countries represented!  There are three images below (because I could not capture the full chart in one screenshot) and they each overlap a little so you can see where they go together.

Click on each of the images to see them full size if you can’t quite read them (because you are old – like me and don’t have glasses yet – like me!).

This is the impact that we (together) are having on bringing the message of childhood lead poisoning prevention to the world… and these numbers just represent the past 28 days!

Thank you!

21st April 2017 Facebook Post to Tamara Rubin:

Fantastic Tamara! Your Facebook page is a brilliant connector of lead-aware souls. The LEAD Group has been selling Water Kits, and three sizes of Kits for lab-testing paint, dust, soil, eggs etc for Australians since 2007. See www.leadsafeworld.com/shop and we want to connect with labs and lead people who can set up LEAD Group Kits in every other country. Please link us with your followers.

Best regards, Elizabeth O'Brien, Australia

23rd April 2017 Facebook Post from Tamara Rubin:

Hi all, I've earned $475.87 from ur clicks on my Amazon links in April! Thx so much! http://tamararubin.com/2017/04/amazon_april/


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