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EDF Lead Policy Tool - 40 years of sound US policy

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) USA have created a Lead Policy Tool - Interactive chart (that looks like the graph below but is interactive), showing Forty years of sound policy. “Sound policy has an impact but millions are still at risk [of lead exposure in the US].”

Graph of child blood lead levels in the USA from 1976 to 2016 with each green, blue, yellow or red dot representing a US lead policy which has resulted in lowering of blood lead levels. www.edf.org/leadpolicytool

Editor’s note: The Environmental Defense Fund is brilliant! US lead poisoning prevention advocates are brilliant! And US regulators have done a great job keeping up with all that brilliant advocacy! Go USA! Every country showing PM2.5 levels above the WHO Limit on the world map above, could take a leaf out of the USA’s lead management book.

Here’s an email from Tom Neltner of EDF about the Lead Policy Tool:

Have you ever wanted to find a single place to track down a federal actions regarding lead poisoning prevention?  If so, check out our new infographic at www.edf.org/leadpolicytool  

We created it not only to show that sound policy helps reduce children's exposure to lead but to help people find these policies more easily.

We identified 82 policy actions, rated them as major or minor, grouped them by: sources (air, blood, house, product or water); agency; and four types of interventions (limit in consumer products, set goals and monitor progress, manage existing sources, and remove hard to manage sources). You can zoom in specific time periods and hover on a dot to get more information and follow a link to get more information.  If you want the spreadsheet, click on the "hamburger" in the upper-left corner to download the data.

If you want to suggest adding a policy we missed, add a new one, or clarify, please contact EDF via www.edf.org/contact

Tom Neltner, 9th September 2016

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