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By Elizabeth O'Brien, Editor-in-Chief, LEAD Action News

There’s only a couple of weeks to go for your chance to get your lead-safety message across via a photo, art work or film! The LEAD Group’s Volcano Art Prize (VAP) entry deadline for 2016 VAP is Monday 25th July 2016. And although we’d love to receive images we can use in our project for shooter lead-safety/protecting flora and fauna from lead ammunition, and our project for lead-safe school food gardens, really, any entries and all entries are most welcome!!


Our marvellous sponsor Pictureproducts is just waiting to print your image on a mug as a keepsake and constant reminder of your talents. There are 30 mug prizes and whatever cash that’s donated for the purpose of cash prizes too. And throughout this newsletter and previous issues, you’ll see the excellent winning images that are currently out there in the real world on a mug, and which anyone at anytime can have made into a Lead-safety Poster just by copying the VAP URL of the image they choose and ordering the Poster at http://www.leadsafeworld.com/product/leadsafeworld-poster/

With your creative input, eventually we’ll have a Lead Safety Poster for every situation. Be inspired by the examples here which are already up and on display, spreading the word!

These Lead-Safety Poster URLs:

  1. Test for lead and other heavy metals with a LEAD Group Kit before you buy property
    For Sale Sign slide - http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/entropy-1/
  2. The most important lead test at any age, is a blood lead test - ask your doctor
  3. You can test for many possible sources of lead in a pet’s environment with a LEAD Group lab kit
  4. Be lead-safe when you grow your own food!
    Marrickville Council Sustainability Grant Poster - leadsafeworld.com/product/leadsafeworld-poster/


This issue of LEAD Action News begins with the best Australian article I’ve ever found on “Effects Of Lead On The Environment”. It was put together by the inimitable Deni Greene et al in 1993 and we published a draft version in LEAD Action News volume 1 number 2, at www.lead.org.au/lanv1n2/lanv1n2-8.html

The article “Effects Of Lead On The Environment” comes from the books by Greene et al “Reducing Lead Exposure In Australia” published in July 1993 – and still important!

Then we have published a letter I received in 2005 on “Australian moves to ban lead in shot and fishing sinkers”, which I’m trying to get an updated version of. Please send in any info you have on the issue!

Thanks to our wonderful volunteer translator Orlando Aguirre-Lopez, we have the French version of the Tom Neltner article published in Spanish in the last issue of LEAD Action News volume 16 number 3, and in English in the previous LEAD Action News volume 16 number 2: “Household Action Level for Lead in Drinking Water.”

Next is a series of other useful articles written by or with help from the IPEN and Leadnet listserv/egroup networks on: “US & Californian laws controlling lead and cadmium in jewellery”, “Review of Urban Soil Lead Remediation Literature”, and “Lead in paint and Poverty alleviation.

Then we look at “Our Corrupt Legal System” and the way “Changes to our corrupt legal system could result in crime prevention.“

Darryl Turner then asks us to compare Arsenic in Victorian times and fluoride today, and has backed up his concern with an abstract, media release and letters linking lead and fluoride. These show for instance, elevated blood lead levels in children exposed to water disinfection and fluoridation chemicals, and how ending-silicofluoride use can reduce childrens lead blood levels and therefore violent crime. The two letters ask federal government agencies in the USA and Australia to end water fluoridation in order to not only reduce exposure to fluoride but also reduce lead in drinking water.

We end this issue with “Lead in Literature” and another poem by Walt Whitman.



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