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Poisoning by arsenic in Victorian times and today: the more things change, the more they stay the same!

Information collated by Darryl Turner, with comments

"Arsenic pervaded almost every aspect of life in nineteenth-century Britain and the poison left a toll of death and illness.

A by-product of an emerging smelting industry, arsenic was cheap and readily available as a rat killer by the 1800s.

Arsenic also was odorless and tasteless and easily confused with flour or sugar and other cooking essentials.

By the 1830s, morbid descriptions of murders with arsenic terrified the public and became a staple of the British popular press.

But most of the fatalities from arsenic were more pedestrian: from accidental use in food or from exposure to arsenical compounds in consumer goods such as fabric dyes and wallpapers, in facilities that made these products and in the polluted air.

Arsenic was used even in medications to treat anything from asthma and cancer to reduced libido and skin problems."


Now why I'm sending this information to you is that I was watching a program about arsenic use in the Victorian times and you'll see that I've put a link to that very program/video down the page.


Some of you like myself may have seen another program very similar to this one before but I can't remember mentioning this information about men having vested interests in the industry and if I missed it my apologies.

Now below is the link to that very story/program I saw on SBS television just now.

The first four and a half minutes of this forty-one minute documentary set the scene of the rise of consumerism in mid-19th century English cities. Keep watching if you wish to understand why the wallpaper craze caught hold (especially those made with a rich green-coloured copper arsenate pigment), and about the contemporaneous rise in arsenic poisonings at home during the era, but if you just want to know how much arsenic was used and why so much arsenic was used, all you have to do is start/fast forward the video to around about the 12 minute and 20 second mark and watch through to the 17 minute and 50 second mark (when they move on to other hazards like tight corsets and, at 33 minutes, gaslighting and gas heating). It will hit you like a sledge hammer that what is presented right before your ears and eyes about mining vested interests is happening now, today and at this very minute in time.

Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home - Full Documentary

Published on Oct 5, 2015


In the program you'll see that it was mentioned that William Morris, the famous designer and wallpaper manufacturer, a so called champion of the arts and crafts movement at the time, was the director of the biggest arsenic producing mine in the world. It was said that that mine produced enough arsenic to kill everyone on the planet. Despite doctors saying that people were dying due to exposure in their homes to arsenical papers, Morris claimed these people were “bitten by the witch fever.”

Now it's not hard to remember what's been going on with the likes of ALCOA and the fertilizer industry, having sodium fluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid as waste by-products of those aluminium/aluminum smelting and mining industries, being used to fluoridate water since the 1950s.

For instance, see the excellent interview of Dr Geoff Pain regarding the hazards and politics of fluoridation of water, from Community Television West TV in Perth, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npTI-4lsdG8 (HAVE YOUR SAY! S06E01 P1) and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hi4meBAhts0 (HAVE YOUR SAY! S06E01 P2).

2012 VAP Entry. Title: Water must not contain lead. LEAD SAFETY Message: Lead-contaminated water remains a major problem. Description of Work/Materials: Digital photo. Artist/Photographer: Alejandro Casas Palomino. http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/water-must-not-contain-lead/

Dr Pain has recommended to LEAD Action News readers, an article he wrote called Plumbosolvency exacerbated by Water Fluoridation: at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282439972_Plumbosolvency_exacerbated_by_Water_Fluoridation which includes the following:


Recommended actions and alternative Strategy

Considering the available information, the following actions could partially ameliorate the Plumbosolvency threat

from supply networks:

  •  Immediate cessation of Fluoridation
  •  no addition of Phosphates
  •  minimal use of Chlorine
  •  use Ozone instead of Chlorine
  •  adjustment of pH with the least contaminating alkali available
  •  acceleration of Lead pipe replacement

Geoff Pain has also commented further that: “Re: Lead pipes, I have been told that there are some still in the Melbourne supply, but have no details. It is leached from solder in copper pipes and brass taps. I know that the Kalgoorlie-Perth pipeline was joined at every length with Lead when constructed and believe that is still in the circuit.”

You can read over 130 articles about fluoride written and shared by Dr Pain on his website at www.researchgate.net/profile/geoff_pain including Fluoride causes Death and Disease, conference paper by Dr Geoff Pain, at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/303911083_Fluoride_causes_Death_and_Disease (see graphic below).

Anti-fluoridation scientists like Dr Geoff Pain are campaigning for the final 5% of the global population still living with fluoridated water (including many Australians) to be protected from this 20th Century use of industrial waste. Dr Pain

As you can see above, "this has happened before people!"

I think that we can use this information to our advantage, "BIG TIME!"

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