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Pictureproducts mug prizes for 2013 Volcano Art Prize (VAP)

Here are some of the happy entrants of 2013 VAP, (the ones who could be easily gathered in Sydney, Australia), with their prizes - Pictureproducts mugs printed with their entry - in hand, and their entry details.

  Artist: Noela Whitton Alex with Sunflowers

Artist: Noela Whitton

Title: Alex with Sunflowers

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/alex-with-sunflowers/

Lead-safety message: My grandson Alex grew sunflowers which removed some lead from the garden soil – but we didn’t let him eat the seeds or compost the plants!

  Artist: Jane LennonTitle: Sisters. Materials: recycled office paper pulp sculpture painted with lead-free acrylic paintArtist: Jane Lennon

Title: Sisters. Materials: recycled office paper pulp sculpture painted with lead-free acrylic paint

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/sisters/

Lead-Safety Message: Create without lead

    Artist: Meredith KnightMolly 1998 to 2013 and the Buddha

Artist: Meredith Knight

Title: Molly 1998 to 2013 and the Buddha

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/molly-1998-to-2013-the-buddha/

Lead-Safety Message: Unleaded cats live calmer, healthier and longer lives. Good grass cover protects pets from lead contaminated soil.

  Artists (from left to right): Kari McKern, Sue Gee and Meredith KnightKari McKern. Selfie@SixtyArtists (from left to right): Kari McKern, Sue Gee and Meredith Knight

Title (of entry by Kari McKern): Selfie@Sixty

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/selfiesixty/

Lead-Safety Message: Lead raises mortality from all causes, Vitamin D has the opposite effect. Good health involves tracking these metrics.

Artist: Sue GeeLead destroys our hearts and minds. Artist: Sue Gee

Title: Lead destroys our hearts and minds

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/lead-destroys-our-hearts-and-minds/

Lead-Safety Message: As we age, the lead we took in earlier in life, leaves our bones, raises our blood pressure and brings on dementia. Ask your doctor to test your blood lead level – there may be ways to remove your lead before it takes its toll.

  Artist: Rama VeeraghantaIncense Smoke Dangerous to Your Health

Artist: Rama Veeraghanta

Title: Incense Smoke Dangerous to Your Health

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/incense-smoke-dangerous-to-your-health/

Lead-safety message: “Incense sticks (agarbatti) could come with a health risk — new research has shown that burning these generate indoor air pollutants, including carbon monoxide and particulates like lead. Children and Pregnant women should not breathe the fumes of burning Incense. Health Canada began to investigate regulating the lead content of Incense in 2009.

    Artist: Tony LennonLead in Bones in Lead

Artist: Tony Lennon

Title: Lead in Bones in Lead

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/lead-in-bones-in-lead/

Lead-Safety Message: As the lead stored in your bones leaches into your blood as you age, so you get closer to the grave. 

Artist: Daniel KimPick Yer Poison!.

Artist: Daniel Kim

Title: Pick Yer Poison

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/pick-yer-poison/

Lead-safety message: “How long are we going to let them have their way? Even now, these poisonous plagues remain unresolved problems… and chances are, someone you know is already affected by it. Just because it’s not in your face like doesn’t mean it’s not there. This is everybody’s problem. Let’s do something about this, together.

Some things lead and cane toads have in common:

Quickest way to be poisoned is to ingest it.
It’s impossible to get rid of either in the foreseeable future.
Both were used for pest control. Both have done more harm than good.
They affect both people and wildlife; hunting is the worst offender as all parties involved suffer. Lead from bullets affect both the hunter and the hunted, most predators that eat a cane toad die from its poison.

 Red Means Lead!!Artist: Nigel Gorman

Title: Red Means Lead!!

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/red-means-lead/ 

Lead-Safety Message: Lead Paint deteriorating off old homes poses great health risks to families and the general community.

Nigel kindly donated his prize mug to another artist: Claire O’Brien.

  Artist: Claire O’BrienFido. Materials: oil on canvas

Artist: Claire O’Brien

Title: Fido. Materials: oil on canvas.

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/fido/

Lead-safety message: Mans best friend deserves to be lead free too. Lead level test kits available from The LEAD Group.

Artist: Emily Grace

Backyard chickens. Artist: Emily GraceTitle: Backyard chickens

URL: http://volcanoartprize.com/portfolio-item/backyard-chickens/

Lead-Safety Message: Lead in home-grown eggs from urban areas tends to be higher than in commercial eggs; as soil lead increases, the concentration of lead in eggs tends to increase. Test your soil for lead with a LEAD Group DIY-sampling lab analysis kit.

Emily also donated her prize mug to Michael Mobbs of Sustainable Projects and Design – for his lead awareness raising activities and Michael kindly agreed to promote the 2014 Lead-Safe World Calendar at his Sustainable House in Chippendale in inner Sydney – where he drinks rainwater, keeps chickens, and grows vegetables and herbs.

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