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The Decision of the Volcano Art Prize 2013 Judge

Email Sent: Saturday, October 05, 2013 9:38 PM

Dear Elizabeth,

There are some lovely, vibrant and exciting artworks in this competition.

To answer your question about my background:

-- I'm a mainly self-taught* Illustrator, Cartoonist, Caricaturist, Hand-letterer and Calligrapher (*with assistance and inspiration from my parents, sister [all artists] and influences from other people).

Tony Rogers-- I was a Graphic Designer for about 22 years, apprenticeship through my Dad for about 2½ years from 1986, then work in the design-, magazine-, and marketing industries.

-- I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, with majors in 'Education Studies' and 'English, Text & Writing'; and sub-major in 'Art History & Cinema Studies'.

-- Here are some artistic-relevant hobbies: most things art; singing; watching movies, ABC, SBS, comedies; theatre; live music; enjoying most music.

Here is my list of choices for the competition...

-- The 13 Entries/17 Artists awarded a month or planner page position in the 2014 Lead Safe World Calendar and the option to have their image (or another entrant's image) printed on a PictureProducts mug are...

1. Lead-safety message: Stay smart – live longer – protect your offspring –work lead-safe - Artist: Alice Ju

2. Lead-Safety Message: As we age, the lead we took in earlier in life, leaves our bones, raises our blood pressure and brings on dementia. Ask your doctor to test your blood lead level – there may be ways to remove your lead before it takes its toll - Artist: Sue Gee

3. Lead-safety message: My grandson Alex grew sunflowers which removed some lead from the garden soil – but we didn’t let him eat the seeds or compost the plants! - Artist: Noela Whitton

4. Lead-Safety Message: The most important lead test at any age, is a blood lead test – ask your doctor - Artist: Philippa Bolton

5. Lead-Safety Message: Leadlighting can be made lead-safely in a properly equipped workshop - Artist: Stuart Hill

6. Lead-Safety Message: Etchings can be lead free. Today you can buy artists paints that do not contain heavy metals like lead, but if you are using leaded artists paints, make sure you never hold the paintbrushes in your mouth or get the paint in or on you - Artist: Eli Gallwey

Calendar page 7. and Mug 7., 8. and 9. Lead-Safety Message: Sponge down floors and windows weekly, clean children’s toys often, Mop and wet wipe, Do not use a broom or vacuum to dust - Artists: Jaron Phillips, Brandon Rice, Occidarius Coleman, all aged 12.

Calendar page (CP) 8. and Mug (M) 10. Lead-Safety Message: Leaded, fused glass panel safely made with lead calme - Artist: Marc Grunseit

CP 9. and M 11. Lead-safety message: Lets not allow our long history of lead poisoning from skin whiteners, black eye makeup, and red rouge and lipstick, to continue - Artist: Ketevan Title: Portrait.

CP 10. and M 12. Lead-Safety Message: Create without lead - Artist: Jane Lennon

CP 11. and M 13. Lead-Safety Message: Lead raises mortality from all causes, Vitamin D has the opposite effect. Good health involves tracking these metrics - Artist: Kari McKern

CP 12. and M 14. 15. and 16. Lead-Safety Message: Lead can cause serious injuries such as seizures, comas, maybe deaths. - Artists: Kee’monee Laurence, Ke’shaun Mack, Brandon Thomas-Barkley, aged 12, 12 and 13.

CP 13. and M 17. Lead-Safety Message: As the lead stored in your bones leaches into your blood as you age, so you get closer to the grave. Artist: Tony Lennon

-- The 13 artists awarded the option to have their image (or another entrant's image) printed on a PictureProducts mug are...

M 18. Lead-Safety Message: Unleaded cats live calmer, healthier and longer lives. Good grass cover protects pets from lead contaminated soil. - Artist: Meredith Knight

M 19. Lead-Safety Message: Keeping yards safe from lead - Artist: Sabina Eastman

M 20. Lead-Safety Message: Let the public know about pollution. - Artist: Liam Hutchinson, 10 yrs old.

M 21. Lead-Safety Message: Yoghurt, garlic, onions, bananas and fruits such as apples and pears which contain pectin (especially the pips) help to reduce absorption, as well as detoxifying lead from the body. - Artist: Dot Dawson

M 22. Lead-safety message: How long are we going to let them have their way? Even now, these poisonous plagues remain unresolved problems… and chances are, someone you know is already affected by it. Just because it’s not in your face like doesn’t mean it’s not there. This is everybody’s problem. - Artist: Daniel Kim

M 23. Lead-Safety Message: Years of mining in Broken Hill has caused widespread lead contamination. Despite the blatant reminders throughout the town of the strong mining history, such as this slag the town is centred around, residents are ignorant of issues associated with the high levels of lead present. Action is greatly needed for a lead free future in Broken Hill - Artist: Katie Mortimer

M 24. Lead-Safety Message: Whether you’re painting watercolours or going fishing, buy lead free products - Artist: Yvonne Preston

M 25. Lead-safety message: Many species unwillingly ingest lead objects, which, if left untreated, will kill them. Respect them and reconsider your fishing gear choices - Artist: Jennifer Lee Harackiewicz

M 26. Lead-Safety Message: Lead Paint deteriorating off old homes poses great health risks to families and the general community. - Artist: Nigel Gorman

M 27. Lead-Safety Message: Lead in home-grown eggs from urban areas tends to be higher than in commercial eggs; as soil lead increases, the concentration of lead in eggs tends to increase. Test your soil for lead with a LEAD Group DIY-sampling lab analysis kit. - Artist: Emily Grace

M 28. Lead-safety message: Leaving lead untreated is like sitting on a volcano waiting to erupt - Artist: Gary Lancaster

M 29. Lead-safety message: Make sure your black eye make-up like Kajal / Kohl / Surma is lead-free. You can test it with a LEAD Group test kit and ask your doctor for a blood lead test - Artist: Swetha Lingala

M 30. Lead-Safety Message: These backyard vegies are organic and lead-free. Are yours? - Artist: Gabriel Anderson

Best wishes to all entrants, and congratulations to all who've won.

Cheers for now, and kind regards, from Tony Rogers.

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