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Letters: Can you help us reach Oprah?

From: Tamara Rubin

Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 9:16 AM

To: The LEAD Group Inc

Subject: Can you help us reach Oprah?


We've started a little "fun" petition to capture the attention of Oprah - who, given her incredible following and impact on the choices so many American families make - would be a terrific person to get involved with the cause of childhood lead-poisoning. The petition is just a simple request, asking her to watch the trailer to our film - and once she does, asking her to follow up with me to see the current rough-cut.

As I think most who have seen the film will agree, just watching the film (especially from the perspective of one outside of the lead-advocacy community) is a transformative experience, in terms of impacting one's understanding of the issue and changing how viewers see the world and the choices they make as consumers. It would be amazing to have this impact on Oprah.

Thanks for considering signing the petition (and thanks for signing it if you did already!) & please consider sharing it with friends (it's simple, not political at all and FREE:-) - right now we have 217 signatures and there are more than 50 comments at the bottom which I encourage you to read as many are inspiring stories from other parents and grandparents of lead-poisoned children.

Each "signature" sends an email to Oprah! Here's the petition link: http://chn.ge/125stsF

If you are in a position to make a contribution today, we are also trying to cover the costs of shipping free lead-test kits to families. Thanks to a recent donation from 3M/LeadCheck we now have enough test-kits to meet the huge demand (from families) and our only challenge is shipping costs! A $10 tax-deductible donation makes it possible for us to send test kits and information to four families, $100 helps us send kits to 40 families! Donations can be made via PayPal here: http://www.leadsafeamerica.org/leadsafeamerica.org/Donate.html

Thanks again!



P.S. - A little scene from the movie we uploaded recently… about lead in antiques: http://youtu.be/S84LuMGl_HI

Comment on the petition at https://www.change.org/petitions/oprah-winfrey-watch-the-trailer-to-my-friend-s-film-help-her-protect-kids

By Elizabeth O’Brien, Co-Founder, The LEAD Group Inc.

My 3 sons were lead poisoned as babies in old housing in inner Sydney, Australia so, like Tamara, I founded an action group - The Lead Education and Abatement Design (LEAD) Group Incorporated, in 1991 and have since run a global information and referral service which has at its core one of the world's most popular lead websites - www.lead.org.au

Attention to lead poisoning prevention from Oprah would literally make the world of difference to billions of people - not just children.

The ageing population has grown up in the era of leaded gasoline and our lead exposure earlier in life is associated with early death from all causes, and with heart attacks, stroke and Alzheimers disease.

We really need research into whether the young people who do a lot of shooting (especially indoors) are damaging the executive functioning of their brains (which only complete their development at the age of 30) and becoming more violent, due to their lead exposure.

I applaud Tamara for her excellent lead education work and would love to see her in an Oprah special on lead poisoning prevention. Together, we can make the world lead-safe!

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