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LEAD Action News Volume 13 Number 1, November 2012, ISSN 1324-6011
Incorporating Lead Aware Times ( ISSN 1440-4966) and Lead Advisory Service News (ISSN 1440-0561)
The Journal of The LEAD (Lead Education and Abatement Design) Group Inc.
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Volcano Art Prize 2012

Volcano Art Prize

The LEAD Group Inc.

International Environmental
Digital Image Competition

Lead-Safe World CALENDAR 2013

Lead-Safety Themes and Some of the 2012 Finalists:

See http://volcanoartprize.com/lead-safety-themes/

The following themes have been listed to help entrants visualise an art concept which illustrates a message: the lead-safety theme you choose to illustrate with your image is a vital part of your entry and the words of the lead-safety action can even be incorporated, if you wish, into your artwork. Entrants can create their own lead-safe behavioural-change message or choose one of the following themes for their image:

  1. Liminal Eruption by Marc Grunseit “In our lead-safe future, the only source of lead in air, will be volcanoes” (see Marc Grunseit’s winning entry on this theme from the 2012 Volcano Art Prize, to the right)

  2. “The most important lead test at any age, is a blood lead test - ask your doctor”

  3.  “If you live near an active volcano or a lead mine or lead smelter – ask your doctor for a blood lead test annually throughout your life”

Replace lead on your roof with non-lead flashing / gutters / paint etc before installing a rainwater tank. by: Peter Webb 4. “Replace lead on your roof with non-lead flashing / gutters / paint etc before installing a rainwater tank” (Finalist Peter Webb to left)
  1. “Test traditional herbal or folk medicines for lead before taking them, or have a blood lead test if you already use them”
  2. "Leadlighting can be made lead-safely in a properly equipped workshop"
  3. Lancaster Painters Australia safely stripping layers of lead paint & distemper using Peel Away by GaryLancaster"Don't melt lead or leaded e-waste at home - create a child-free lead-safe workplace or take it to a scrap metal recycler"
  4. “Lead acid batteries should only ever be recycled in a regulated high-tech lead-safe smelter complex”
  5. “Stay smart – live longer – protect your offspring – work lead-safe” (Winner Gary Lancaster of Lancaster Painters Australia Pty Ltd, using chemical stripper on lead paint, to the right)
  6. “There’s lead in cigarettes! Protect your family from tobacco smoke. Quit TODAY!
  7. “Test paint for lead before renovating. Never create lead paint dust or lead fumes.”
  8. “Lead causes early death in adults and IQ loss in kids. Keep your blood lead level below 2 micrograms per decilitre always.”
  9.  Lead’s Colour by Luis Esteo Garcia“Give your kids nutritious meals and snacks before they play - an empty stomach absorbs more lead”
  10. “Get your leaded ceiling dust professionally vacuumed by a member of the Australian Dust Removalists Association (ADRA)”
  11. “Today you can buy artists paints that do not contain heavy metals like lead, but if you are using leaded artists paints, make sure you never hold the paintbrushes in your mouth or get the paint in or on you” (“Lead’s colour” by winner Luis Esteo Garcia, right)
  12. "Buy lead-free glazes when making pottery or buy lead-free glazed pottery"
  13. “Always buy lead-free products if they are available eg lead-free ammunition, crystal, fishing sinkers, jewellery, artists’ paints, wheel weights, etc”
  14. “You can test for many possible sources of lead in a child’s environment with a LEAD Group test kit”
  15. “The LEAD Group’s Water DIY-Sampling Lab-Analysis Kits can be used to test lead and other metals in water”
  16. “if you must remain living where lead dust falls from the sky all day, regular wet-cleaning is a vital part of keeping a child lead-safe”

Submit via the ENTRY FORM at http://volcanoartprize.com/submitentry/

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