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  Research article

Nutrition to Fight Lead Poisoning

By Robert J. Taylor, additional references sourced by Elizabeth O’Brien,
Edited by Anne Roberts, Photos by Catherine Sweeny.
A Fact Sheet version of this Research Article can be found at

Garlic: Animal studies have consistently shown that garlic is not only able to reduce blood lead but reduce lead levels in key organs, notably the kidney and liver. It may also be protective of glucose metabolism. There are indications it may be neuroprotective against some lead-induced brain damage. This range of effects is probably due to a range of sulfur based compounds including methionine that play a key role in the synthesis of amino acids and antioxidants such as glutathione.  However, significant human studies are needed to demonstrate the applicability of the animal results to humans. Some studies indicate that fresh garlic may be more effective than garlic capsules, but again, more research is needed.
  1. Prophylactic Efficacy of Crushed Garlic Lobes, Black Seed or Olive Oils on Cholinesterase Activity in Central Nervous System Parts and Serum of Lead Intoxicated Rabbits Maged M. Yassin Turk J Biol 29 (2005) 173-180 http://journals.tubitak.gov.tr/biology/issues/biy-05-29-3/biy-29-3-7-0503-12.pdf [Finds that consuming fresh garlic not only lowers blood lead levels but also partially protects the liver and brain from some lead-induced damage. Finds smaller effects from black seed and olive oil.]
  2. Effect Of Garlic And Vitamin B-Complex In Lead Acetate Induced Toxicities In Mice MSH Khan, M Mostofa, MS Jahan, MA Sayed and MA Hossain Bangl. J. Vet. Med. (2008). 6 (2): 203–210 http://www.banglajol.info/index.php/BJVM/article/viewFile/2337/2052 [Finds that garlic and B-complex vitamins have better impacts on blood lead, liver toxicity and kidney toxicity when consumed together rather than in isolation]
  3. The Effect of Concurrent use of Fresh Garlic or Garlic Tablet with Lead Acetate on Lead(Pb) Burden in Serum and Some Body Tissue of Dog M. Pour Jaffar, I. Karimi,, E. Saraeian,, M. Shakhs Niyaee, , Kh. Badiei, Journal of Iran University of Medical Science [IMUS] Vol 14, No 2 http://en.journals.sid.ir/ViewPaper.aspx?ID=93943 [Finds that garlic capsules are less effective than fresh garlic in reducing lead levels in the blood or kidneys, but in sufficient quantity can still impact on bone, kidney and liver lead levels, though not necessarily blood lead levels]

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