Ceiling dust proposals from The LEAD Group Inc. part 3

    That the NSW WorkCover Authority:

    Undertake a public education campaign providing guidance for workers which both conveys the understanding that ceiling and other cavity dust is a combination of accumulated air pollution fallout and other site specific hazards (pest dander, POPs (persistent organic pollutants) and building fibres) and corrects the following misunderstandings:

  •  “ceiling dust is only of concern because of its lead content.” This misunderstanding has arisen due to the fact that the only web-published NSW Government information on the topic of ceiling dust is as a result of the Lead Reference Centre’s publications, especially the “Lead in Ceiling Dust” fact sheet.

  • “ceiling dust is only a problem in pre-1970 housing.” This misunderstanding also arises from the “Lead in Ceiling Dust” factsheet which arbitrarily ties ceiling dust hazards to the date that the lead content of domestic paint was reduced. There is no evidence that it is safe to disperse and breathe the ceiling dust that has accumulated in post-1970 housing.

  • “on its own, the concentration of lead (or parts per million) in ceiling dust can be used to determine whether the dust is a hazard and should be removed (abated) or can remain during ceiling demolition.”

Assessment of Lead Exposure Associated with Ceiling Dust Removal Final Nov 1999 PDF

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